Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Poetry Corner: Ohana

The surrounding silence drowns her eardrums.
The surrounding darkness lightens her sight.
What seems like loneliness is barely a manifesto,
of peace and tranquility on site.

That is the power of the home:
a foundation stronger than titanium;
unyielding yet more pliable than gold,
peaceful yet more explosive than plutonium.

Ohana, ohana, ohana.
Where dreams and futures begin.
Ohana, ohana, ohana,
with love, 'twas born within.

- Jessie Jing, 6th November 2012.


Ohana :)

Monday, 4 June 2012

Poetry Corner: The Dance of the Kitesurfer

Several pliés in the air,
following the melody of the wind.
Each wave is their beat, to prepare,
for the moment of magic within.

The music composed by the crashing of waves,
with the rhythm of the wind on their face.
The spotlight shining down from the sun's rays,
their five senses alive and embraced.

A jump, a glide, a touch of the water.
a speed unprecedented but controlled.
For this is the dance of the graceful kitesurfer,
through the eyes of a dancer it was told.

- Jessie Jing, 3rd June 2012.


Kitesurfers at Hove; dance

Monday, 30 April 2012

Stop Press!: The Artist's Canvas: An 'Urban Klothing' Artist

Article also published on:
(Photograph of artwork kindly provided by Urban Klothing/Maurice Henry)

       We have all seen art in some form - from Da Vinci's paintings; Warhol's commercial pop art; children's finger-paint pieces; jewel art on Iphones, nails & makeup; and graffiti art on the streets - art is everywhere, and it is no surprise that art takes its form on t-shirts too.

That is the very fibre of Urban Klothing - from draft sketches materialised into creative and unique drawings, to then be imprinted onto clothing - 25 year-old Maurice Henry has brought his art designs to life (and sales!). Armed with stationeries and a sketchbook, Maurice draws and designs his way into entrepreneurship. Jessie Jing meets the brilliant, young artist and has an insight into his life.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Poetry Corner: 8 Thoughts Till Dreamland

Would you drop me if I was a glass ball?
Would you touch me if I was barbed wire?
Would you look this way if I was a hideous display?
Would you love me if I was acquired?
Would you water me if I was dormant?
Would you leave me till the last?
Would you travel for miles if I was an emptying tank?
Would you miss me if I have passed?

- Jessie Jing, 11th April 2012


Semi-consciousness, with 'Mea Culpa' playing.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Stop Press!: The Dancer's Stage: 8 Minutes Stage-Time with... Nisha Lall.

Article featured on http://shulife.co.uk and http://www.heruni.com:

Words by: Jessie Jing Photographs by: Jessie Jing and Nisha Lall

From the sunny days of Chance to Dance at the Peace Gardens to the very first Mass Jai-Ho Bollywood dance for Sheffield Music City Festival 2009 – Nisha Lall has been involved in Sheffield dancing for a considerable amount of time.
(Photograph taken at Mass Jai Ho dance 20009, Barkers Pool Sheffield)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Chef's Kitchen: Flavrbox - A marketplace, but with all the goodness of the Internet.

In a world dominated by generic supermarket giants and the increase of mass production cum consumerism– accessibility and convenience are most likely to be the top priorities for food shoppers. I, for one, and as a student, live on what I’d like to call: ‘tear, dip & munch’ food – tear it from the packet, dip it in a sauce (from a packet, of course) and munch away. Even when I do cook, the groceries that I buy are from Tesco, Tesco, Tesco, and the occasional Sainsbury’s.

Yet, at about a similar walking distance as my trip from home-to-Tesco, is the local market. Fresh fish, local meat and independent food stalls – all of which are dwindling away in presence, as the reliance on supermarkets are on a constant rise. Wouldn’t it be great if that balance is shifted towards independent, local brands that are more likely to guarantee you good, hearty food; rather than mass-manufactured products – and yet still be accessible and convenient to you? 

(Photograph taken from Flavrbox.com)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stop Press!: Fashionista's Closet - Upcoming Stars in Yorkshire II

Article featured on: http://shulife.co.uk

Words: Jessie Jing | Photographs copyright to Taheed Khan & individual photographers.

(Photograph copyright: LadyD Photography)

Name: Taheed Khan

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Area: Leeds

If there is any dream fashion job out there, it is the job of a fashion stylist – and one with a great eye and sharp fashion instinct – the decision-maker of what pieces the model wear.
Now that is Mr. Taheed K’s day job.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Poetry Corner: Paradoxical

Let's drown in these invisible notes,
for a moment those feelings seem translucent.
Euphoria, ethereal, utopia.
What may shine may fade,
yet may the faded still glimmer under the sliver of light.

Let's cut through these strings of thoughts,
for an eternal moment those corners become prison walls.
Paranoia, surreal, claustrophobia.
Crescendo la staccato,
decrescendo la tenuto.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd March 2012


A paradoxical affinity.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stop Press! - Summary of Hallam Elections 2012/13

Here is the rundown of Hallam Union Officers and Reps for Year 2012/13! Congratulations to everyone, and great job to all candidates for their hard work and dedication throughout their campaign time! 

2012 Elections by far the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stop Press! - LIVE COVERAGE: Hallam Elections Results Night 2012

LIVE BLOG COVERAGE - Hallam Elections Results' Night 2012!

7.30 pm: Arrival of people (Though, people have been arriving since 7.10pm!) Current officers and to-be officers and reps all gathering around. Loving the set up! (Green and black balloons, oh YEAH!)

7.42 pm: Bar Phoenix now filling up with people, and FAST!

7.52pm: Just quickly edited an earlier video for you to enjoy! More people have arrived - you can feel the atmosphere getting more and more lively by the minute!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

According to Jing: Music Stage - Top 10 best lyrics

For the update, please scroll down!

When it comes to songs, 90% of the time, I will love it if I love the lyrics - even if I don't agree with the music itself. Personally, I find that the lyrics are the foundations of songs (not including Classical, DnB, Dubs, electronica - though they may have brief sections of lyrics - but those are a completely different story).

Therefore, few days ago, I've decided to select my top (and top-of-the-head) 10 most favourite lyrics that I have ever come across. You may agree, you may not - feel free to comment with your most favourite lyrics!
Afterall, I have not heard all of the many, thousands & thousands of songs out there - so it would be great to come across some beautiful songs!

This list is just a summary of the many lyrics I love - out of all the artists I've listened to, I'm pretty sure I love AT LEAST one of their songs - so don't see this list as definitive, but just a few selections! :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 LIVE - Officer Question Time(Section 2)

Featured on:

[Version on BoaT has been proof-read]

SECTION 2: Officers' Question time (please note: not all questions are available)


7.36pm: Overheard in audience: "Let's write down as a question: 'What are you going to do about the impending zombie apocalypse'."

7.55pm: Jake announces that the Domino's receipt has gone missing. The hunt begins for the proof for expenses coverage...

7.56pm: Section 2 kicks in. VOTING emails are sent out! Get voting!

- Activities officers to start off answering questions (in reverse order from their speech lineups)

PLEASE NOTE: Answers by the candidates have been summarised to main points.

Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 - Question Time LIVE

Featured on:

[Version on BoaT has been proof read]

6pm: Seating of attendees, whilst current Hallam Union President, Jake Kitchiner, confirming of candidates' presence.

About 70+ students currently seated awaiting QT to start; amongst those present are Election candidates, President Jake Kitchiner, Sports officer Colan Leung and Welfare & Community officer Carl Hawkes.

6.15pm: Kick off with Jake giving the introductory presentation speech. Apologies by Helen Bodsworth for not being able to attend due to being ill.

Order of candidates doing 2 min speeches will be picked out randomly on the spot. There will be two sessions: candidate speeches and question time. Finally, there will be £600 worth of Domino's pizza.

6.18pm: Picking of Education officer lineup. Candidate Tom Wilson is not yet present.

6.20pm: Education candidate Heena Dhanani up first - dressed up in her 'purrfect' campaign theme, she covers educational issues such as the Blackboard system and development of educational resources.

6.22pm: Ben Evans has made it and is up next to present his manifesto speech. Topics include: improving the education resources; Library resources and communications.

6.23pm: Next up: Lindsey Holroyd -who gave a chirpy start to her speech. Covering areas of Education support and to engagement with students.

6.26pm: Final Education Officer candidate, Jessica Goldstone is up - giving a bold speech; wishing to expand further communications with students to hear their voice towards the education system.

6.28pm: Education officer speeches done. Picking of lineup for Democracy and Communications' candidates.

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Poetry Corner: Still and Will

I still will give you everything,
as it dismisses the uncertainty that the future is to bring.
Living the present with the flame of the past,
I will always give you everything.

I still will strive till the end of time,
for who once was then isn't mine.
Loving is patience cum virtue to prove,
that I will always strive till the end of time.

I still will love you endlessly,
as it is a present of the past futurity.
Giving and taking the chance to heal,
I will always love you endlessly.

- Jessie Jing, 29th February 2012 -


Someone very special.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Music Stage: Brit Awards 2012 (Live - yet not live - rundown!)

As I'm sitting in the living room with my girlies, and awaiting Bruno Mars' performance (oh yes!), I thought of blogging about the Brit Awards 2012, instead of flooding my twitter. (Well, unless it's about Mr. Mars, of course!) So it's kind of like a live report, but not?... Well, if you've missed the Brit Awards just now, here's a rundown of events. Ok, let's go!

The Brit Awards '12, presented by James Corden, kicked off with a performance by Florence Welch. Kylie Minogue then proceeded to presenting the first award of the night: Best Female Solo Artist Award - won by Adele!

-Edit- : Coldplay, Olly Murs and Rizzle Kicks also performed on the Brit Awards stage.

Next on, Jessie J (I do love that dress!) and Jack Whitehall came on to present Best International Male Solo Artist Award - won by, of course, Bruno Mars! :)

The beautiful dress that Jessie J wore for the evening: (and did I mention that I love the hair?!)
(Photograph taken from Capitalfm.com)

Monday, 6 February 2012

According to Jing: Top 10 sexiest men on the Planet

Having come across Heat's 101 hottest hunks on the planet, I thought: what better way to spend one's Sunday night than oogling over sexy, charismatic men? Besides, just few days ago I was having an interesting conversation (Facebook, obviously) with my flatmate on some of mes amours of the spotlight. So, I came up with my own top 10 list of the sexiest men on the planet.  (I actually had difficulties narrowing it down to only 10.. decision, decisions) Enjoy!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Stop Press!: Fashionista's Closet - Upcoming Stars in Yorkshire I

Article featured on: http://shulife.co.uk/
Words:  Jessie Jing | Photographs copyright & kindly provided by: Mike Distras
Name: Mike Distras
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: Fashion photographer
Area: Wakefield   
The world of fashion would not be seen by the eyes of the world if it wasn’t for the photographers. One talented individual to look out for would be Mike Distras.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Poetry Corner: Real.

She never said she'll be perfect.
She never said she won't change.
She never said she'll stay forever,
for it takes two to play the game.

She has never not said sorry.
She has never not admitted  to her mistakes.
She has never not spoken of real love,
for she has never not accepted fate.

Walk a mile in the other's shoes,
observe their paths and surroundings.
Look and see through their eyes,
before proceeding to branding.

A halo above the head,
looped around two horns.
No, neither a saint nor a devil,
but simply a human of true form.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd January 2012 -


A story.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Poetry Corner: Somewhere Over the Hedge

It grew like a flower,
with tender, loving care.
Rays of the sun and a trickle of water,
blossomed a beauty so rare.

It survived like a cactus -
unfazed, tough and bold.
Perseverance at its best,
years to live, it was told.

But one day, the beautiful garden,
has lost its life and soul.
Hold on to the seeds, Mr. Gardener,
for your greenery will pull through.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd January 2012 -


A story.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Poetry Corner: A Fleeting Thought

One thousand raindrops,
to land on the cold, hard ground.
Yet come another day,
they disappear back to the skies -
never staying around.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chef's Kitchen: Bento Boxes

"Bento" (written 弁当) or "Obento" (お弁当) = A Japanese meal that is packed into a box; in other words, a Japanese lunchbox.

However, the focus of a 'thorough and balanced' meal is the main purpose of a bento lunch. Bentos are also sometimes slightly different in terms of visual aesthetics - these highly decorated, 'art' bentos (which is what this post is mainly about) are called: 'kyaraben' (キャラ弁) or 'entaatein-bento ' (えんたあていん弁当) <- (p.s. I am not sure how correct this is - I used hiragana for the 'entaatein' part, so basically it's just how you pronounce it, I do not know of the kanji itself yet)

The traditional Japanese is very health-conscious and their meals always consist of balance and variety. In addition, the variety of 'bento art' that are created (The Japanese believe that we 'eat with our eyes' too, aside from touch, taste and smell) - could explain why the bento box is an increasing favourite of home-cooked lunchboxes.

Around the World: Chinese New Year!

That time of the year is nearly here - when Chinese houses are decorated with red and gold paper with 'prosperity' and 'happiness' written on them; when those 'red packets' are being prepared with the dolla dolla; the markets are flooded with, what I would like to call, 'Imperial cooks' of each household, looking for the best ingredients for preparing the coming Chinese New Year.

Always such a beautiful and vibrant time.

Children and adults will be shopping to get 'new clothes' to wear for CNY celebrations - oh, and of course: Cheong sam!; and families get together to help the 'Imperial cooks' prepare the Reunion banquet held the night before CNY officially begins.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Fashionista's Closet: Two art forms, one stage

When the Royal Ballet takes it to the catwalk, these are the revered results. Instead of the 5 inch (and above) stilettos, being 'en pointe' shall be the 'heels' to grace this catwalk.