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Stop Press!: Fashionista's Closet - Upcoming Stars in Yorkshire II

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Words: Jessie Jing | Photographs copyright to Taheed Khan & individual photographers.

(Photograph copyright: LadyD Photography)

Name: Taheed Khan

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Area: Leeds

If there is any dream fashion job out there, it is the job of a fashion stylist – and one with a great eye and sharp fashion instinct – the decision-maker of what pieces the model wear.
Now that is Mr. Taheed K’s day job.
In the words of Lady Gaga (Song: Fashion): “Fashion put it all on me, don’t you want to see these clothes on me. Fashion put it all on me – I am anyone you want me to be.” While the designer creates the pieces – the photographer produces the shots, the makeup and hair stylists sculp the idea and the model delivers the idea behind the look. The fashion stylist plays another important role in the team by bringing all aspects together in order to reach the brilliant final product of what you see on the covers of VogueElle and any fashion publications.
From a young age, Taheed has always been enamoured by fashion. Through the influence of his sister’s fashion-forward approach, to completing an events management degree, despite all his trials-and-errors he is now one of the most sought-after fashion stylists up north, if not already nationwide.
His fashion inspirations include notable figures like Madonna, American model/actress/socialite, Edie Sedgewick, James Dean, notorious Twenties dancer – Anita Berber, Lenny Kravitz and his father.
Fashion is forever-changing. Peruse a few winter season pieces and few months down the line, the spring/summer line is out – you can never keep up! Taheed prefers to not follow trends- he just takes his influences from themall-the-while keepinghis own thing going on. If you ever spotted him, you would probably think that he is wearing designer from head to toe, but he isn’t it – who says one can’t pair up a £500 jacket with a £10 bag from a vintage boutique?
As of recently, Taheed’s works have been featured on Vogue Italia online – adding to his already expansive portfolio. He has also, drawing from his events management studies, held some of the north’s top events such as City Rocks 2011: Walk this Way that was held in Leeds’ O2 Academy.
(Photograph Copyright: Catherine Laura; Vogue Italia Online)
Glamorous as ever, Taheed does not plan to just stop there. He sees to working towards a fashion house in Paris or Milan – furthering his experiences and working with international, high-end fashion personnel.
When asked about some fashion ‘no-no’s, the list could go on forever for Taheed – but here are a few: (You might want to take note!)
  • Bee chic (black and yellow) – not cool!
  • Labels under shoes – a huge fashion faux pas
  • Wearing socks with sandals
  • Obvious branding – I don’t care where your t shirt is from!
  • Overload of a particular designer – don’t be a label junkie!
Aside from the faux-pas he has pointed out, the fashionista did end the interview with this: “Be yourself, be adventurous, dare to be different, experiment with color – you are your own mannequin.”
(Photograph Copyright - 'Bleu': LadyD Photography)

(Photographs Copyright -  L-R 'Lux' & 'Persephone': Xanthe Ellis)

You can check out Taheed’s range of work on his website:www.taheedk.com. If it is one thing for sure, you would understand why he is on our list of upcoming fashion stars.

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