Saturday, 13 April 2013

Poetry Corner: Once Upon, Forever Within

If I had to tell a story,
Of the greatest love, anonymously,
I'd smile and say, I'd cry and say:
"The story would probably go this way..."

"He was the brightest star above the Earth,
Yet far, far away in time and space.
When I look, I look at the past,
For only the star's illusion is what lasts."

"He was the Aurora sifting through the skies,
So surreal, magical and Heavenly divine.
In my memory, I wish it'll never fade,
For it was never Aurora's nature to remain."

"He was the dancer to my stage,
For he moved my heart without a prose.
I'd never learn what he tried to convey,
For I couldn't stay on until the curtains closed."

"The story didn't have to go this way,
But I chose to leave and walk away.
So the story, indeed, went this way.
I wonder how it'd go if I stayed?"

- Jessie Jing, 13th April 2013.


An indelible star.