Friday, 23 March 2012

Poetry Corner: Paradoxical

Let's drown in these invisible notes,
for a moment those feelings seem translucent.
Euphoria, ethereal, utopia.
What may shine may fade,
yet may the faded still glimmer under the sliver of light.

Let's cut through these strings of thoughts,
for an eternal moment those corners become prison walls.
Paranoia, surreal, claustrophobia.
Crescendo la staccato,
decrescendo la tenuto.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd March 2012


A paradoxical affinity.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Stop Press! - Summary of Hallam Elections 2012/13

Here is the rundown of Hallam Union Officers and Reps for Year 2012/13! Congratulations to everyone, and great job to all candidates for their hard work and dedication throughout their campaign time! 

2012 Elections by far the most A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Friday, 9 March 2012

Stop Press! - LIVE COVERAGE: Hallam Elections Results Night 2012

LIVE BLOG COVERAGE - Hallam Elections Results' Night 2012!

7.30 pm: Arrival of people (Though, people have been arriving since 7.10pm!) Current officers and to-be officers and reps all gathering around. Loving the set up! (Green and black balloons, oh YEAH!)

7.42 pm: Bar Phoenix now filling up with people, and FAST!

7.52pm: Just quickly edited an earlier video for you to enjoy! More people have arrived - you can feel the atmosphere getting more and more lively by the minute!

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

According to Jing: Music Stage - Top 10 best lyrics

For the update, please scroll down!

When it comes to songs, 90% of the time, I will love it if I love the lyrics - even if I don't agree with the music itself. Personally, I find that the lyrics are the foundations of songs (not including Classical, DnB, Dubs, electronica - though they may have brief sections of lyrics - but those are a completely different story).

Therefore, few days ago, I've decided to select my top (and top-of-the-head) 10 most favourite lyrics that I have ever come across. You may agree, you may not - feel free to comment with your most favourite lyrics!
Afterall, I have not heard all of the many, thousands & thousands of songs out there - so it would be great to come across some beautiful songs!

This list is just a summary of the many lyrics I love - out of all the artists I've listened to, I'm pretty sure I love AT LEAST one of their songs - so don't see this list as definitive, but just a few selections! :)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 LIVE - Officer Question Time(Section 2)

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[Version on BoaT has been proof-read]

SECTION 2: Officers' Question time (please note: not all questions are available)


7.36pm: Overheard in audience: "Let's write down as a question: 'What are you going to do about the impending zombie apocalypse'."

7.55pm: Jake announces that the Domino's receipt has gone missing. The hunt begins for the proof for expenses coverage...

7.56pm: Section 2 kicks in. VOTING emails are sent out! Get voting!

- Activities officers to start off answering questions (in reverse order from their speech lineups)

PLEASE NOTE: Answers by the candidates have been summarised to main points.

Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 - Question Time LIVE

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[Version on BoaT has been proof read]

6pm: Seating of attendees, whilst current Hallam Union President, Jake Kitchiner, confirming of candidates' presence.

About 70+ students currently seated awaiting QT to start; amongst those present are Election candidates, President Jake Kitchiner, Sports officer Colan Leung and Welfare & Community officer Carl Hawkes.

6.15pm: Kick off with Jake giving the introductory presentation speech. Apologies by Helen Bodsworth for not being able to attend due to being ill.

Order of candidates doing 2 min speeches will be picked out randomly on the spot. There will be two sessions: candidate speeches and question time. Finally, there will be £600 worth of Domino's pizza.

6.18pm: Picking of Education officer lineup. Candidate Tom Wilson is not yet present.

6.20pm: Education candidate Heena Dhanani up first - dressed up in her 'purrfect' campaign theme, she covers educational issues such as the Blackboard system and development of educational resources.

6.22pm: Ben Evans has made it and is up next to present his manifesto speech. Topics include: improving the education resources; Library resources and communications.

6.23pm: Next up: Lindsey Holroyd -who gave a chirpy start to her speech. Covering areas of Education support and to engagement with students.

6.26pm: Final Education Officer candidate, Jessica Goldstone is up - giving a bold speech; wishing to expand further communications with students to hear their voice towards the education system.

6.28pm: Education officer speeches done. Picking of lineup for Democracy and Communications' candidates.