Monday, 6 February 2012

According to Jing: Top 10 sexiest men on the Planet

Having come across Heat's 101 hottest hunks on the planet, I thought: what better way to spend one's Sunday night than oogling over sexy, charismatic men? Besides, just few days ago I was having an interesting conversation (Facebook, obviously) with my flatmate on some of mes amours of the spotlight. So, I came up with my own top 10 list of the sexiest men on the planet.  (I actually had difficulties narrowing it down to only 10.. decision, decisions) Enjoy!

10) Adam Sevani
I came across Mr. Sevani when I first watched "Step Up 2: The Streets." He has this sort of geeky and adorable look about him, but hey-ho, watch him move in the final dance scene in Step Up 2 and the sexy metre is on overload. 

9) Omarion

Three words: "You Got Served." 

8) Francesc 'Cesc' Fabregas

I had a little bit of a hard time choosing between him and 'El Nino' Torres - however Fabregas still is the winner due to my longstanding admiration for him. Such a pity he doesn't play for Arsenal no more (for now!)

7) Dominic Cooper

Watch "Devil's Double" first, then go back to "Mamma Mia." It is simply impossible to look at him in such an innocent way anymore! 

6) Bi 'Rain' (Jung Ji Hoon)

Amazing actor, amazing singer, mind-blowing dancer and Korean. End of.

5) Jenson Button

He is an F1 driver; races for McLaren, beautiful smile, humble personality - and have you seen his physique?! Top 3 for best physique within this list.

4) Johnny Depp
He shouldn't even be fourth! If I wasn't personally head-over-heels for the top 3, he would've been 1st. One thing's for sure though, he will always be on my top 10 list. He can model any clothing; speak any accent; wear any type of accessory; anything - and he will always be sexy.

3) Bruno Mars

His voice. Oh. My. God. his voice. And his smile! Best smile ever, like totally 'my cup of tea' smile.

2) Shun Oguri

He's 6 ft, he's Japanese and he has, like, a godlike body. I think the fact that he is Japanese yet has such a cool 'manly' charisma is what makes him so sexy.

1) Gerard Butler

I really don't need to say nothing about this man. Gerard Butler. GERARD BUTLER. And when he speaks... (wo)man down! 
There you have it, my list of top 10 sexiest men on this planet!  Ay, what a good start to the week! Question is... Who are your top 10 sexiest men/women?

-EDIT: 25th April 2012-

Guess who's added to this list? 

Do you know why?

Because. He. Is. Norman. Reedus. 

And because of that mole.

(P.S. Major deja vu moment there - so I guess I was head over heels for him before I even knew of Monsieur Reedus. POWERRR.)



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