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Stop Press!: Fashionista's Closet - Upcoming Stars in Yorkshire I

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Words:  Jessie Jing | Photographs copyright & kindly provided by: Mike Distras
Name: Mike Distras
Age: 22 years old
Occupation: Fashion photographer
Area: Wakefield   
The world of fashion would not be seen by the eyes of the world if it wasn’t for the photographers. One talented individual to look out for would be Mike Distras.

Having started out photographer at the age of 17, Mike has only recently progressed to the fashion world in the last 12 months. Despite this, he has already photographed some of UK’s high profile fashion events, including Clothes Show Live 2011, Leeds Fashion Show and London Fashion Week.
He now currently runs his own design company ( and is one of the co-founders for successful online magazine, WildChildMedia – which, according to Mike, is one of his proudest achievements to date.
Some of his photography inspirations include the works of Chase Jarvis, Dean Bradshaw, Dave Hill and Piotr Stryjewski, to name a few. When asked about his personal style, Mike believes in not just confining to one fashion style – being flexible and varied helps inspire his works.
When asked for a piece of advice, in regards with fashion, Mike said:  “Be inventive and be confident! It’s no use being an amazing style icon and trend setter if you’re not able to be confident in yourself and your creations.”

 Leeds Fashion Show: Dress Me Beautiful 2011

London Fashion Week 2011
You can see a full range of Mike’s work here:

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