Thursday, 28 February 2013

According to Jing: The Top 5 (Commercial Stage) Productions I will never, ever forget

Dear Readers,

It has been awhile! How have your lives been? 2013 so far so good? :)

To be frank, many a-times I have started on a BoaT blog post, but stopped short because I could not continue writing - I felt that 'at-the-moment' inspiration, but it simply could not last long. (That's what she said! *angel face*)

But... I am back! Along with my top 5 stage productions that I can never forget!

This post came about as I was on Youtube (still am actually, while writing this post) and came across Taylor Swift's recent live performance at the Brits Awards 2013, with the song 'I Knew You Were Trouble' - which I absolutely love. I eventually came to love the production of that live performance as well. After watching that, it triggered me to walk down memory lane and think about the few (and I do mean, few) stage productions that have, until this day, remained a lasting impact on me.