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Chef's Kitchen: Flavrbox - A marketplace, but with all the goodness of the Internet.

In a world dominated by generic supermarket giants and the increase of mass production cum consumerism– accessibility and convenience are most likely to be the top priorities for food shoppers. I, for one, and as a student, live on what I’d like to call: ‘tear, dip & munch’ food – tear it from the packet, dip it in a sauce (from a packet, of course) and munch away. Even when I do cook, the groceries that I buy are from Tesco, Tesco, Tesco, and the occasional Sainsbury’s.

Yet, at about a similar walking distance as my trip from home-to-Tesco, is the local market. Fresh fish, local meat and independent food stalls – all of which are dwindling away in presence, as the reliance on supermarkets are on a constant rise. Wouldn’t it be great if that balance is shifted towards independent, local brands that are more likely to guarantee you good, hearty food; rather than mass-manufactured products – and yet still be accessible and convenient to you? 

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And that comes in the form of FLAVRBOX.

So, what IS Flavrbox all about?
 An innovative, online platform to reconnect food producers and their customers, work to iron out the inefficiencies and create a new, healthier and more dynamic industry… Flavrbox is the closest replication to a real farmers market…”

“Our vision? We will allow independent farmers/producers to earn a good living whilst offering consumers high quality food that's affordable.”

Launching back in November 2011, with 16 producers on their list, and selling a total of 200 products – Flavrbox is now expecting, by the end of 2012, to have a round total of 400 producers on board, selling more than 4000 products. Now, could your local Tesco Express beat that, food-wise?

Think, your regular farmer’s market or local food hall- only online, runs all-year round, and is nationwide. You don’t have to go out of your way to get the products; or go to Tesco and hope for the best – Flavrbox is right there! There are 9 different food categories: ranging from bakery to spices; and meat & seafood to alcohol – producers have their individual products listed respectively in the different categories; good quality food is just a click away. There is even a ‘Gifts’ section if you’d like to treat your family and/or friends to something unique.

A few of the many producers selling on Flavrbox include: Figgy’s (Exeter), Hands-On Coffee (Wadebridge), Awfully Posh Snacks (Tonbridge), Hobbs House Bakery (Bristol), Prima Oliva (Huddersfield) and The Artisan Kitchen (Gloucester). For a full list of Flavrbox producers, click here.

There is also an all-new ‘Tasting Box’ which you can subscribe to and each month you’ll receive a selection of hand-picked products to try. It is a good way to discover the many different brands and their products; break the supermarket convention; and/or treat yourself and your loved ones! You can find more information on the Tasting Box scheme here.

Here are some photographs of some of the products on Flavrbox – and hopefully it will tantalize your taste buds! 
(All photographs are taken from

(Photograph above: Lulubelles Cakes - Strawberry & Vanilla Cupcake in a Jar)

 (Photographs above: (L) Capreolus Fine Foods' - The Dorset Air-Dried Beef; (R) Cocoa Loco - Baking Kit Gift Box)

(Photographs above: (L) Stroud Brewery - Organic Beer Gift Pack; (R) The Artisan Kitchen - Toffee Apple Jam)

 You could win the all-new Flavrbox Tasting Box! Find out more here.

If you, or someone you know, are interested in selling independent produce on Flavrbox, you can register here.

You can find Flavrbox on Facebook & Twitter.

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