Monday, 30 April 2012

Stop Press!: The Artist's Canvas: An 'Urban Klothing' Artist

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(Photograph of artwork kindly provided by Urban Klothing/Maurice Henry)

       We have all seen art in some form - from Da Vinci's paintings; Warhol's commercial pop art; children's finger-paint pieces; jewel art on Iphones, nails & makeup; and graffiti art on the streets - art is everywhere, and it is no surprise that art takes its form on t-shirts too.

That is the very fibre of Urban Klothing - from draft sketches materialised into creative and unique drawings, to then be imprinted onto clothing - 25 year-old Maurice Henry has brought his art designs to life (and sales!). Armed with stationeries and a sketchbook, Maurice draws and designs his way into entrepreneurship. Jessie Jing meets the brilliant, young artist and has an insight into his life.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Poetry Corner: 8 Thoughts Till Dreamland

Would you drop me if I was a glass ball?
Would you touch me if I was barbed wire?
Would you look this way if I was a hideous display?
Would you love me if I was acquired?
Would you water me if I was dormant?
Would you leave me till the last?
Would you travel for miles if I was an emptying tank?
Would you miss me if I have passed?

- Jessie Jing, 11th April 2012


Semi-consciousness, with 'Mea Culpa' playing.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Stop Press!: The Dancer's Stage: 8 Minutes Stage-Time with... Nisha Lall.

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Words by: Jessie Jing Photographs by: Jessie Jing and Nisha Lall

From the sunny days of Chance to Dance at the Peace Gardens to the very first Mass Jai-Ho Bollywood dance for Sheffield Music City Festival 2009 – Nisha Lall has been involved in Sheffield dancing for a considerable amount of time.
(Photograph taken at Mass Jai Ho dance 20009, Barkers Pool Sheffield)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Chef's Kitchen: Flavrbox - A marketplace, but with all the goodness of the Internet.

In a world dominated by generic supermarket giants and the increase of mass production cum consumerism– accessibility and convenience are most likely to be the top priorities for food shoppers. I, for one, and as a student, live on what I’d like to call: ‘tear, dip & munch’ food – tear it from the packet, dip it in a sauce (from a packet, of course) and munch away. Even when I do cook, the groceries that I buy are from Tesco, Tesco, Tesco, and the occasional Sainsbury’s.

Yet, at about a similar walking distance as my trip from home-to-Tesco, is the local market. Fresh fish, local meat and independent food stalls – all of which are dwindling away in presence, as the reliance on supermarkets are on a constant rise. Wouldn’t it be great if that balance is shifted towards independent, local brands that are more likely to guarantee you good, hearty food; rather than mass-manufactured products – and yet still be accessible and convenient to you? 

(Photograph taken from

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Stop Press!: Fashionista's Closet - Upcoming Stars in Yorkshire II

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Words: Jessie Jing | Photographs copyright to Taheed Khan & individual photographers.

(Photograph copyright: LadyD Photography)

Name: Taheed Khan

Occupation: Fashion Stylist

Area: Leeds

If there is any dream fashion job out there, it is the job of a fashion stylist – and one with a great eye and sharp fashion instinct – the decision-maker of what pieces the model wear.
Now that is Mr. Taheed K’s day job.