Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Poetry Corner: Real.

She never said she'll be perfect.
She never said she won't change.
She never said she'll stay forever,
for it takes two to play the game.

She has never not said sorry.
She has never not admitted  to her mistakes.
She has never not spoken of real love,
for she has never not accepted fate.

Walk a mile in the other's shoes,
observe their paths and surroundings.
Look and see through their eyes,
before proceeding to branding.

A halo above the head,
looped around two horns.
No, neither a saint nor a devil,
but simply a human of true form.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd January 2012 -


A story.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Poetry Corner: Somewhere Over the Hedge

It grew like a flower,
with tender, loving care.
Rays of the sun and a trickle of water,
blossomed a beauty so rare.

It survived like a cactus -
unfazed, tough and bold.
Perseverance at its best,
years to live, it was told.

But one day, the beautiful garden,
has lost its life and soul.
Hold on to the seeds, Mr. Gardener,
for your greenery will pull through.

- Jessie Jing, 23rd January 2012 -


A story.

Friday, 20 January 2012

Poetry Corner: A Fleeting Thought

One thousand raindrops,
to land on the cold, hard ground.
Yet come another day,
they disappear back to the skies -
never staying around.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Chef's Kitchen: Bento Boxes

"Bento" (written 弁当) or "Obento" (お弁当) = A Japanese meal that is packed into a box; in other words, a Japanese lunchbox.

However, the focus of a 'thorough and balanced' meal is the main purpose of a bento lunch. Bentos are also sometimes slightly different in terms of visual aesthetics - these highly decorated, 'art' bentos (which is what this post is mainly about) are called: 'kyaraben' (キャラ弁) or 'entaatein-bento ' (えんたあていん弁当) <- (p.s. I am not sure how correct this is - I used hiragana for the 'entaatein' part, so basically it's just how you pronounce it, I do not know of the kanji itself yet)

The traditional Japanese is very health-conscious and their meals always consist of balance and variety. In addition, the variety of 'bento art' that are created (The Japanese believe that we 'eat with our eyes' too, aside from touch, taste and smell) - could explain why the bento box is an increasing favourite of home-cooked lunchboxes.

Around the World: Chinese New Year!

That time of the year is nearly here - when Chinese houses are decorated with red and gold paper with 'prosperity' and 'happiness' written on them; when those 'red packets' are being prepared with the dolla dolla; the markets are flooded with, what I would like to call, 'Imperial cooks' of each household, looking for the best ingredients for preparing the coming Chinese New Year.

Always such a beautiful and vibrant time.

Children and adults will be shopping to get 'new clothes' to wear for CNY celebrations - oh, and of course: Cheong sam!; and families get together to help the 'Imperial cooks' prepare the Reunion banquet held the night before CNY officially begins.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Fashionista's Closet: Two art forms, one stage

When the Royal Ballet takes it to the catwalk, these are the revered results. Instead of the 5 inch (and above) stilettos, being 'en pointe' shall be the 'heels' to grace this catwalk.