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Stop Press!: The Dancer's Stage: 8 Minutes Stage-Time with... Nisha Lall.

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Words by: Jessie Jing Photographs by: Jessie Jing and Nisha Lall

From the sunny days of Chance to Dance at the Peace Gardens to the very first Mass Jai-Ho Bollywood dance for Sheffield Music City Festival 2009 – Nisha Lall has been involved in Sheffield dancing for a considerable amount of time.
(Photograph taken at Mass Jai Ho dance 20009, Barkers Pool Sheffield)

She started dancing from a very early age – through self-teaching and watching different dance programmes – and took up her first dance class at the age of 19. Since then, Nisha has trained in salsa, bellydance, Bollywood, Latin and ballroom – with her current progress of studying contemporary dance. She has also recently become the in-house teacher for SHU Bellydance society.
Alongside her dance company, Aim To Dance, she is completing her dance degree, and performing around the UK with her troupe, ASHAY. The dance group are well underway in their preparation for their upcoming dance show in October, Interlock.
The show is a fusion dance show that provides an array of different dance styles – portraying their similarities while still maintaining their varieties and uniqueness. It’s a show developed from one of Nisha’s previous dance acts,The Beat, back in 2009.
According to Nisha, the Interlock show delves deeper into the reasons why so many people around the world dance, as well as showing different styles. Is it to celebrate? Is it to connect to each other or our emotions? Is it for glamour? Is it something that is innate in humans? In other words, Interlock visually narrates the story of a dancer – any kind of dancer.
(Photograph taken at 'Rihla - The Journey of Bellydance' show)
The various dance styles that will be covered in this diverse show would include: Bollywood, classical Indian dance, bellydance, contemporary/modern dance, street dance, salsa, and according to rumours – even Morris dancing! Nisha, who has had training in most styles, will be the creative director and main choreographer of the show. Besides her and ASHAY dance troupe, there will also be guest performers present on the night. Further details of the show – including tickets date and time – will be released later on the year.
To Nisha, her source of inspiration comes from her class members and troupe members.
“A lot of my inspirations come from people that I meet. It could be someone dancing, something someone has said or even a simple action.”
Her inspirations will allow her to continue developing and learning as a dancer, teacher and choreographer – with her hopes of passing on those inspirations, passion and knowledge to others.
(Photograph taken at 'Rihla - The Journey of Bellydance' show, Sheffield)
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