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Music Stage: Brit Awards 2012 (Live - yet not live - rundown!)

As I'm sitting in the living room with my girlies, and awaiting Bruno Mars' performance (oh yes!), I thought of blogging about the Brit Awards 2012, instead of flooding my twitter. (Well, unless it's about Mr. Mars, of course!) So it's kind of like a live report, but not?... Well, if you've missed the Brit Awards just now, here's a rundown of events. Ok, let's go!

The Brit Awards '12, presented by James Corden, kicked off with a performance by Florence Welch. Kylie Minogue then proceeded to presenting the first award of the night: Best Female Solo Artist Award - won by Adele!

-Edit- : Coldplay, Olly Murs and Rizzle Kicks also performed on the Brit Awards stage.

Next on, Jessie J (I do love that dress!) and Jack Whitehall came on to present Best International Male Solo Artist Award - won by, of course, Bruno Mars! :)

The beautiful dress that Jessie J wore for the evening: (and did I mention that I love the hair?!)
(Photograph taken from

Ed Sheeran was next to grace the stage and delivered a beautiful, angelic performance with his song 'Lego House.'

The British Single Award is won by X-Factor creation: One Direction, for
their song "What makes you Beautiful" -  presented by Tinie Tempah.

International Female Solo Artist Award (OH MY GOD, Jenson Button suddenly appeared - to present this award - and made me so happy! - well, not as happy as realizing Mars' there...) - won by Rihanna! To be honest, I wasn't really surprised that she won it.

Noel Gallagher then comes on with his song: 'What A Life' I wouldn't say I am particularly impressed with the song and singing, but it wasn't an ear-sore either - so all was fine. Moving on.

Plan B then takes the stage after the interval - and Amy Winehouse's tribute - to present the British Male Solo Artist Award... *drum rolls*... Ed Sheeran! Woo! He's such a cutie: *halfway through thank you speech* ".. I want to thank my label ... I'm really bad at this, thank you'

Hughy Morgan and Jo Wiley then presents the British Group Award - won by: Coldplay - 3rd time (previous years: 2001; 2003) to win this award! Fair play to them, they do the Brits proud!

(At this moment, I wonder who are the rest of the nominees for the British Album of the Year and who will win it? Hopefully Ed Sheeran! It would be quite deservedly so!)

Adele's turn to perform, singing "Rolling in the Deep" - you go girl! Although I've heard this song over, and over again - it is actually my first time watching her sing it live! She seems slightly off though, in this performance.. I have yet to watch her previous 'Someone like you' performance - but this performance seemed a slight step back, passion-wise - still amazing though! To hit all those notes, not long after her surgery!

The International Group Award is next - presented by Brian May and Roger Taylor, the award is won by... (hopefully Maroon 5!) ... However, Foo Fighters snag this award!

CESC FABREGAS!! (Omg, my 3rd surprise and happiness of
the evening!) And Nicole Scherzinger comes on presenting Best British Breakthrough Artist.. And the winner is... Ed Sheeran! Wow, it sure is Mr. Sheeran's breakthrough year!

The love of my life, Bruno Mars, then comes on and performs a heavily-influenced jazz version of 'Just The Way You Are.' I'm over the moon, he is amazing.. His voice and his musical sense just captivates me. To be fair though, I wouldn't say this is his most spectacular performance. I do like the fact that he usually adds a different musical element to his songs in his live performances.

Back from intermission, and Rob Brydon comes on to presents the International Breakthrough Act - won by Lana Del Rey, beating Nicki Minaj - now that is a surprise! (A good one - I love Del Rey's voice!) I did hope she would win, though when Nicki Minaj was mentioned as a nominee, I'd actually thought Minaj will win hands down. Commercially, Minaj overflows, but Del Rey's voice has shot her to the stars!

Performance time! And Rihanna is now on - singing 'We Found Love.' I love her songs, but that was an... Unsettling performance - I felt slightly like.. 'eh? Uh.. Ok, no.' i have to say though, aesthetically, it was brilliant!

Ray Winstone is next to present the Outstanding Contribution to Music Award to Blur. Blur will also be the closing performance of Brit Awards 2012. With this being their 5th award, Blur has been in the Brit pop music scene for 21 years! It is also confirmed that they will be performing at the Olympics' closing ceremony.

Finally, the last (and biggest) award: British Album of the Year - presented by the Mr. George Michael (cue: "Ohhh yeaaaa") .. Won by, and I quote Mr. Michael: "without a doubt.." - Adele, with '21'. Again, hardly a surprise - and it does seem like Adele herself knew she's got it in the bag.

The night ends with Blur performing "Boys and Girls", Song 2" and "Park Life" (With a little guest appearance by Phil Daniels aka 'Kevin' from Eastenders! Hilarious!) Much respect to them! They must feel so honoured to be presented with the Outstanding Contribution to Music award!

I have to say, the funniest moment was when Labyrinth camera-bombed Corden - that was a real LOL moment.

There you have it! A live - yet not really live - rundown of the Brit Awards 2012 .. And on that note - Brit Awards 2012 c'est finis!

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