Friday, 9 March 2012

Stop Press! - LIVE COVERAGE: Hallam Elections Results Night 2012

LIVE BLOG COVERAGE - Hallam Elections Results' Night 2012!

7.30 pm: Arrival of people (Though, people have been arriving since 7.10pm!) Current officers and to-be officers and reps all gathering around. Loving the set up! (Green and black balloons, oh YEAH!)

7.42 pm: Bar Phoenix now filling up with people, and FAST!

7.52pm: Just quickly edited an earlier video for you to enjoy! More people have arrived - you can feel the atmosphere getting more and more lively by the minute!

8pm: Jake Kitchiner: "HELLOOO EVERYONE! Welcome to Hallam Elections' Night 2012!" - He goes on to talk about some background of Hallam Elections 2012.


First award announced - Most creative campaign idea for part-time position: Reyhan(?)

Second award - Most creative campaign idea for full-time officer election: Kat Palmer

Third award - Best video manifesto: Rosy Stephens

8.06pm: Fourth award - Candidates' candidate award: Adam Kissane

- Poor Mr. Pres. Jake being boo-ed because it's now time for a short break before the officers' and reps' results! ;) Well, here's an updated video of the lively atmosphere! ;) Enjoy!

8.12pm: Part-time rep candidates are being called on categorically - excited to know who are the winners! And here they are:

International students Rep winner is... Rehan Ahamadeen!
Societies' Rep winner is... Jason Beresford!
Academic Rep winner is... Robert Toseland!
LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bi & Transexual +) Rep winner is... Charli Jacobs!
BME (Black, Minority & Ethnic) Rep winner is... Oluwafemi Akomelede! (Unfortunately, the BME Rep candidates were unable to attend tonight!)
Disabled Rep winner is... Lucia Coello-Lage!

8.15pm: Student Trustee winner is... Steven Thomson!
8.16pm: Student Council Chair winner is... Sophie Amos!

Congratulations to all Reps for 2012/13!

8.17pm: Another round of 'boooooos' resonated Bar Phoenix as current Democracy and Communications' Officer Helen Bodsworth announced a 10 minute break! (Food is ON THE WAY!) 

8.27pm: Have to give this a mention - Ed Sheeran's 'Lego House' is on! (The group of lads behind are singing along - aw, their softer sides!)

8.32pm: Helen is back on stage now - giving shout outs and thank yous to some individuals!

- Claire (?)
- Kerry Radford

8.35pm: IT IS TIME, for the announcement of the OFFICERS!

First up - Welfare and Community Officer candidates to grace the stage!
The winner is... CARL HAWKES!

Next - Education Officer candidates now go on stage.
Our 2012/13 Education officer is... JESSICA GOLDSTONE!

Thirdly... Democracy and Communications' Officer candidates now go on stage!
Who will be the winner? And it is... HOWARD DUFFY!

The next officer is... Sports Officer! The candidates are now gracing the stage.
Sports Officer for 2012/13 is... JOSH SAYDRAOUTEN!

Now... Activities officer candidates go on stage (Sound level of Cheers: EARDRUM WRECKING!)
The winner is... JENNA MEEKING!

P.S. The cheers and support going on are UNBELIEVABLE - Decibel level: MAJOR!

FINALLY - 2012/13 Hallam Union President is... HELEN FRANCIS!

And on a final note:
Congratulations to all winners for the 2012/13 Officer roles! 
Great job to ALL Officers and Reps candidates! Everyone did a great job and showed such dedication! 

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