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Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 - Question Time LIVE

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6pm: Seating of attendees, whilst current Hallam Union President, Jake Kitchiner, confirming of candidates' presence.

About 70+ students currently seated awaiting QT to start; amongst those present are Election candidates, President Jake Kitchiner, Sports officer Colan Leung and Welfare & Community officer Carl Hawkes.

6.15pm: Kick off with Jake giving the introductory presentation speech. Apologies by Helen Bodsworth for not being able to attend due to being ill.

Order of candidates doing 2 min speeches will be picked out randomly on the spot. There will be two sessions: candidate speeches and question time. Finally, there will be £600 worth of Domino's pizza.

6.18pm: Picking of Education officer lineup. Candidate Tom Wilson is not yet present.

6.20pm: Education candidate Heena Dhanani up first - dressed up in her 'purrfect' campaign theme, she covers educational issues such as the Blackboard system and development of educational resources.

6.22pm: Ben Evans has made it and is up next to present his manifesto speech. Topics include: improving the education resources; Library resources and communications.

6.23pm: Next up: Lindsey Holroyd -who gave a chirpy start to her speech. Covering areas of Education support and to engagement with students.

6.26pm: Final Education Officer candidate, Jessica Goldstone is up - giving a bold speech; wishing to expand further communications with students to hear their voice towards the education system.

6.28pm: Education officer speeches done. Picking of lineup for Democracy and Communications' candidates.

6.29pm: Mike Thornton kicks off the lineup for DnC officer speeches. Slightly nervous but delivers a well-detailed speech, covering New Media topic area; and elections.

6.32pm: Hannah Robinson gives her speech. Sporting a 'Wanted' poster shirt, Hannah discusses her findings of student knowledge of elections; and the beneficiaries she wishes to bring to the Union.

6.33pm: Sam Gregory takes the stage with a sore throat, but delivers a clear speech - targeting against Facism; for the redevelopment of the Union website; and health services.

6.35pm: Loud cheers as Howard Duffy takes the stand. Covering areas of social networking implementation; SHU media; and elections.

6.37pm: Michael Davison is the final candidate. He delivers a speech covering areas of reintroducing Union nights; communications platform; the Union website; and democracy.

6.38pm: Close of the DnC candidate speeches and picking of Sports Officer candidates' lineup.

6.39pm: Hannah Yates kicks off with her incognito speech. Areas such as: team performance; competitiveness; and communications between the sports teams.

6.41pm: Josh 'Saydro' goes on next. He talks about increasing participation; disability sport and diversifying Team Hallam.

6.42pm: Jacob Muncey comes on with loud cheers from his campaign team. He believes privileges means representing responsibility; he wishes to make Varsity the biggest event; and providing clubs and teams with resources and support.

6.44pm: Next: Rob Nield. Rob gives a brief intro of his experiences with sports; he wishes to get as many people involved as possible; and 'become one Team Hallam.'

6.46pm: Close of Sports candidates' speech and 10 minute break.

6.58pm: Back from break. Now choosing lineup for Activities' officer candidates.

6.57pm: Jenny Meeking kicks off the 2nd round of speeches. Running for activities officer role- she speaks about her experience in volunteering (plus a slight deterrent - but was supported by her team); she goes on smoothly with her aims to build different activities ; engagement with International students.

6.59pm: Kat Palmer comes up next - standing in front of the audience as 'audience won't see her if she is behind the stand!'; The activities rep wishes to improve advertising of the Union; development of Union space; Hallam RAG.

7.01pm: Rosy Stephens is up next. She believes the Union is underrated and wants to put the students first. She ends her brief, but sharp speech with "University isn't just an education, it is an experience."

7.02pm: Matthew Hamer is up next. He wants to get more people involved in the union, and not just internally but external links as well. He covers about RAG; organizing of the Student ball; he wants to 'revive the Union' by listening to students.

7.05pm: End of Activities candidates speeches. 2nd last round of speeches: Welfare and Community candidates with Rachel Dickie starting.

- Speaking about her 4 years experience and personal involvement with the community; also covering her 4 main aims: Accommodation; Inclusivity - highlighting disability sports; mental health; and support.

7.07pm: Current WnC officer, Carl Hawkes is up next. He takes a different stand and discusses about the 'Nightline' project - with the nighttime service being the fastest set up in the UK; and will be used as a model for other institutions.

7.10pm: End of WnC speeches. The President Category is final and is being picked out.

7.11pm: Gaurav Jariwala is up first for
the presidency speeches. He believes students should vote for him because he believes in communication; the provision of opportunities; and that he likes to do things differently rather than do different things.

7.13pm: Adam Kissane is now up. He starts off about student participation of all aspects of Hallam; he wants to provide sufficient resources for students; and raise awareness of the elections.

7.14pm: Current activities' officer Helen Francis is next. She believes that a person with insight and knowledge of the Union will be important as they can get into work straight away. She also highlights on students' feedback; and also to keep the officer team intact.

7.16pm: Claire Willis is the final candidate. She delivers her speech about her experiences with the Union; the ideas she has had from feedback; student income; and she believes to provide support and inspiration for students and the Union.

7.18pm: End of Presidential candidates' speeches and 1st session. Audiences are reminded to write down any questions for the candidates. P.S.. Dominos are coming in soon!

SECTION 2: Q/T coming up next.

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