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Stop Press!: Hallam Elections 2012 LIVE - Officer Question Time(Section 2)

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SECTION 2: Officers' Question time (please note: not all questions are available)


7.36pm: Overheard in audience: "Let's write down as a question: 'What are you going to do about the impending zombie apocalypse'."

7.55pm: Jake announces that the Domino's receipt has gone missing. The hunt begins for the proof for expenses coverage...

7.56pm: Section 2 kicks in. VOTING emails are sent out! Get voting!

- Activities officers to start off answering questions (in reverse order from their speech lineups)

PLEASE NOTE: Answers by the candidates have been summarised to main points.

"If you can only achieve one thing in your year of office what would it be?"

Matthew: to change and improve university life.

Rosy: Raise 20 grand for charity

Kat: raise sense of community; volunteering; RAG

Jenna: more involvement in the student union.

"How Are you going to raise more money for RAG?"

Jenna: getting more students involved; more activities

Kat: negotiate with every union event 10% of Profits for Rag.

Rosy: incorporate societies funds; the library funds

Matthew: involvement for fundraisers

"How do you suggest improving student involvement?"

Matthew: Student events; extension from them

Rosy: "Why don't you" system; to focus that and develop it.

Kat: "Why don't you" programme; a week of workshops post-freshers

Specific Questions:

"How are you going about doing the summer scheme for international and post-grad students?"

Jenna: To get them more informed; involved and develop the schemes.


"Do you think it's right Hallam is charging students £8000+ each year?"

Jessica: No.

Lindsey: No.

Ben: No.

Heena: No.

"What would be your top priority if to you were to be elected?"

Heena: Assessment and module changes.

Ben: Getting students better employability.

Lindsey: Student experience and education; communications - quality.

Jessica: represent students do that students get better.

Specific questions to Ben, Heena, Jessica and Lindsey unavailable.


"Can you outline what new initiatives you will bring to 2012/13 rather than improvements?"

Carl: Startup of I.e.: Nightline; and different projects under this umbrella projects.

Rachel: Peer support - to actively support each other.

"How are you going to focus the needs of minority students?"

Rachel: Making sure they are fairly and well represented; engagement of reps with them.

Carl: The 4 minority reps will be ensured to fully represent; more presence.

Specific questions:

To Carl: "What specifically have you done for liberation groups?"

- help support the different campaigns; will ensure a BME rep for this year; so provide more support.

To Rachel: "I am particularly interested in the mental health area ..."

- links from experience within mental health work; links stepped forward to be involved.


"What are your plans to enhance SHU Media?"

Mike: To manage head on; straight after elections and tackle the issues.

Hannah: To bring benefits to them; extend it more towards university; advertise more

Sam: Line it along the lines of being like a watchdog; to keep Union in check.

Howard: expansion - what SHU media would like.

Michael: Create interactive platform for them to upload media.

Specific questions for DnC are unavailable.

8.27pm -


"How are you to incorporate all the teams together?"

Rob: "One Union, One Team - Team Hallam" - bring this motto forward.
Participation of all levels; Main area: Varsity; to encourage to go watch events.

Josh: To encourage the Team Hallam identity; develop accessibility.

Hannah: Example: Wednesday night bus from Union to West st. - to bring more people; physicality

"What do you feel has been missing from Varsity and what to bring in the future?"

Hannah: get more people down to support; participate; to

Josh: More emphasis on other sports too.

Jacob: Structure is there but to improve is to localize events; awareness

Rob: Don't see a point to restructure - but to improve promotions; getting people down.

Specific Questions:

Rob and Hannah:

"How will you want to include people that like sports but not in teams?"

Rob: Individuals are what makes clubs run; encouragement/keep them consistently involved

Hannah: Creating a link for participation teams; joining the individuals with the teams; encouragement

"Plan of action for Varsity?"

Jacob: Provide resources for the clubs in long-term; getting more varsity points and encouraging it across the whole board.

"Where do you think sports Hallam funds come from if not from increasing BUCS points?"

Josh: Need the Hallam team; keeping them together; can come from different aspects; raise funds.

8.36pm -


"How will you improve the reputation of the Union and the students?" 

Claire: Showcasing what the students and Union are actually doing - the positive stuffs.

Helen: Comes from different areas; Developments need to be done slowly - strategic plan - whereby detailed students' feedback are gathered and improve the reputation.

Adam: get feedback from students; a strategic plan; getting in the right implementations.

Gaurav: Know what the Hallam Union is doing towards for the students; have an induction session for the members.

"Do you think going out talking and listening is an effective method?"

Gaurav: yes, it is important/necessary. Without communications, there won't be a lead to what is lacking.

Adam: Communication is 'massive'; including Social networking; get involved - it's their Union.

Helen: Face to face communication is very important and personally want proactively gain feedback; to know what they want.

Claire: Asking students is vital - of you don't ask them, it's not their union.

Specific Questions:

"What ideas for events (commercial) do you have?"

Claire: Rock nights; HUSAs; get societies to run their own events; DJs, food promotions; keep an event running each week.

"Are you a good leader?"

Helen: I'd like to think so. As activities' officer inspired by RAG - actively pushed it and raised over £5000 - have the enthusiasm as leadership.

Adam: Yes, I am a good leader - have led team from experience in USA recently; can get the best from people and motivate them.

Gaurav: Within limited time period and Masters, achieved many various roles and duties; would like to think a good leader and a motivator.


Remember, voting opens tomorrow! (Emails are sent out already!)
"Every vote counts towards YOUR student experience!"

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